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Bonjour, I’m Madame Mélissande. Or call me Mel!

Join me on my journey as a history blogger as I discover the delights of French history and explore the most beautiful historic sites of France.

I have always loved history.

I love history so much I made a career out of it as a history teacher (and later as an intelligence officer, but that’s another story!).

Now I find myself living not so far from Paris with my French husband and two children, in a 250 year old former woodshed covered in rambling roses, next to an ancient forest where we forage for wild strawberries and blackberries in the summer and champignons in the autumn. 

So why am I a history blogger?

As I am forever being distracted by church steeples (how does every village in France seem to have a 12th century church?), crumbling farm buildings, abandoned castles and grand châteaux, I thought, why not share my discoveries and my favourite places in France with everyone else who loves French history and culture.

So what are my favourite things about France?

I love being in the boulangerie when the baguettes are fresh out of the oven. I adore chocolate tarts, millefeuille and macarons. Every year I watch for the jonquils to appear to herald the beginning of spring. I am in awe of stately mansions with their curved, ironwork balconies, and intrigued by moulins perched on the side of rivers which grind their grain no longer.

Things to know about the blog

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So grab a cup of coffee, a croissant if you’re lucky, and join me on my adventures in France, exploring the history of this beautiful country. 

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